SNAP-TEX, already maintaining more profile options than any other track system in the industry, has added two more profiles onto their line-up in an effort to greater increase design options and installation ease. Please refer to Product Options using the menu on the left on of this site for a complete description of all thirteen profile options currently available.

MID-WALL 'Perfect Joint'
Accepting most any fabric choice securely, this new and unique profile offers the added benefit of ensuring perfect seams between panels with the added benefit of 25mm of acoustical substrate.  This profile will aid the installer in cutting down installation time.
12.5mm Round Edge:
To present a smooth rounded edge detail to a most popular profile designed to match depth of abutting wall board, mill work and molding.
Each profile offers the same acoustical and fire rating results as their like-depth predecessors. Please refer to the 'Technical Data' section of your SNAP-TEX product binder or this web site for complete test results. SNAP-TEX International as a company continually strives to be innovative in the acoustical panel industry to provide the best products with the most options available for design and cost reduction.