SNAP-TEX is maintenance-free! No additional maintenance is required for a SNAP-TEX installation than required for any other wall treatment! The system itself is completely stable.  No noticeable deterioration in components or their performance is expected for over a hundred years!  Being inherently damage-resistant, it is unlikely that any component would ever need to be replaced.

Fabrics generally do not require maintenance. If dust should accumulate, simple dusting or vacuuming is sufficient. Most commercial fabrics are also sunfast and stable in the sun. In the odd case of fading, replace fabric from corner to corner, as with any other wallcovering.

Cleaning or mending should be in accordance with the fabric manufacturer's instructions. If fabric is damaged beyond repair, simply replace the fabric without replacing any other component. This is especially helpful in elevator cabs or high traffic areas where the treatment is at pedestrian height.

Traditional upholstery cleaning methods can be used! This is not possible with the majority of acoustical panels and panel systems marketed in the industry today. This can prove to be a very economical alternative to purchasing new fabric or to dry cleaning the existing fabric.