SNAP-TEX is a commercial, Class A, site-installed, highly customized system for tightly stretching fabric over acoustical or tackable substrates. Its site-installed nature assures perfect fit to all adjacent work while eliminating the gaps, sagging or misfitting common to premanufactured panels and other perimeter systems.

SNAP-TEX track is secured around the perimeter of each panel section and can be applied to either walls or ceilings.

The unique design of the system offers many advantages over other acoustical and fabric wall treatments, giving the most flexibility in design and cost-reduction options. It accepts virtually any fabric and substrate material of any thickness, while maintaining no limitation to the size or shape of the panel SNAP-TEX can achieve.  Size limitation is based only on the fabric size and its ability to be sewn to the desired panel size. With varying edge details available, panel edges take on different design features to accommodate the architectural requirements.

SNAP-TEX is damage-resistant, while its specially designed jaw and hinge can be opened for easy and economical fabric cleaning, repair or replacement without damage to the wall or mounting surface.

Unlike so many other acoustical treatments, SNAP-TEX is in keeping with design demands, allowing unlimited possibilities. SNAP-TEX is a perfect combination of the practical (performance, economy and technology) and the creative.