Rigid, acoustical fiberglass. The standard of the industry for sound absorption! Fiberglass is perfectly adaptable to the SNAP-TEX system in any thickness and has excellent acoustical performance, rating the highest of all acoustical substrates to date.
Polyester batting. Fire-rated polyesters, with flame-spread values of "0", prove to be an effective and economical option to fiberglass. With recent concerns about airborne particles and the health hazards of fiberglass, polyester is a viable environmental alternative. Installations are cleaner, faster, more economical and worry-free! The popular soft, 'billowy' look can easily be achieved.
Acoustical foams that are fire-rated can be used if required for next generation of green building.
Tackable surfaces are often desired in training rooms or conference areas. The use of tackable materials for bulletin boards and pinning of training aids has become extremely popular. With SNAP-TEX, clean looks are not lost as tackable materials can be installed under the fabric, integrated with other materials, resulting in multi-use applications that are virtually unnoticed.
Nailable surfaces for areas that will receive heavy objects are easily accommodated. Simply integrate fire-rated plywoods of the same depth of the track, and virtually any object may be fastened securely.

Any of these substrates or any other Class A fire-rated substrate of your choice can be used in combination, even within the same panel.

Environmental technology is spearheading the development of new substrates such as rock wool and various polyester blends.  These are being tested for their performance both acoustically and in meeting Class A ratings.

SNAP-TEX continues to be in the forefront of researching ways to give added benefits to project owners, designers, architects and installers.

(Refer to the performance section for complete data on sound absorption performance as well as smoke development and flame spread ratings)