Two functions are served by the unique SNAP-TEX track design:

1. Securely holds various thicknesses of fabric under the tension loads necessary for a tightly stretched finished product.

2. Defines the edge detail and depth needed to accomplish the acoustical and aesthetic design requirements suitable for the accomplishment of the designer's goal.

In any site-built, stretched fabric system, security and holding power should be the #1 consideration! The variables of environment and fabric content should be a major concern, for these affect the amount of tension required for fabric to remain taut. Moist or humid conditions cause certain fibers to absorb moisture, expand and then sag. This tendency can only be defeated by taking much of the stretch out of the fabric. SNAP-TEX does this! SNAP-TEX's unique, patented design actually increases its grip as the fabric tension increases! This design not only allows SNAP-TEX to achieve incredible tension, but also can be re-opened for re-streching or replacing of fabric. SNAP-TEX is superior to all friction-fit systems because friction-fit systems cannot hold under varying degrees of tension. Hand pressure can easily pull fabric from friction-fit systems. Friction-fit systems cannot handle the powerful stretching necessary to control potential sagging in unstable fabrics. Fabrics can sag if environmental factors change. SNAP-TEX gives additional safeguards against environmental instabilities!
The tighter the fabric is stretched, the more the interlocking jaws pull against each other! Virtually impossible to pull fabric out when in its closed position Fabric is completely removeable for repair, cleaning and replacement - without damage to the wall!
The holding power for fabric is provided only by the pressure of the two sides pinching together. Fabric has a tendency to slip out when panel is pressed or leaned on - such a potential is normal when panels
are at pedestrian height. Exposed track edges have to be wrapped and are semi-permanent. Often the entire system has to be replaced just to replace the fabric wrapped around the back.